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Our history

At Frio Regional Hospital, we're dedicated to providing quality care to our Pearsall community. Everyone who walks through our doors can expect to receive skillful care, delivered by compassionate medical professionals. It's a promise we deliver upon every day—and we've been doing so since the 1960s.

The beginnings of our Pearsall hospital

In the 1960s, Pearsall had no medical facility whatsoever. Prior medical facilities that once cared for the members of our community had closed, and they had been closed for years. Two Pearsall residents—Mrs. S.T. Brown and Mrs. Grady Higdon, working with the Frio County Tuberculosis Association—pushed the community to work together and open a new Frio hospital.

The community began its initiative to form the hospital in 1958 by selling promissory bonds to residents of the county. The promissory bond pledges funded the planning and construction of the first hospital.

Out of that work, Frio Regional Hospital was born. The facility opened on Jan. 2, 1963, despite the fact that all of the furnishings needed for the hospital hadn't been delivered yet.

Constantly improving

The Frio Hospital District was chartered and approved in a 1990 election, and our current facility opened in 2001. We now offer medical tests, emergency services and other health care innovations our 1960s team couldn't have dreamed of. We work hard to keep abreast of the latest technologies to serve our community, and each year, we're able to do a little more to help our patients.

Consistent service

So much has changed for us since 1963. But one thing hasn't changed: Our commitment to our community and the people we serve. We encourage you to read our mission statement to find out more about how we help.

For more information about our Pearsall hospital, please call 830.334.3617.