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Frio Regional Hospital-Home page

Do's and don'ts of helping a friend quit smoking

You can help your friend win at quitting—here's how. More breaking news

Fasting, and then feasting, to lose weight: Does it work?

When it comes to dropping pounds, a new study shows fasting some days works just as well as cutting your overall calories. More breaking news

Most people who have warning strokes don't call 911

A transient ischemic attack can be a sign that a major stroke is on the way. More breaking news

Health tip

Try these bone-building exercises

Keep your bones strong and fight osteoporosis with weight-bearing exercises. Here’s how.

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Stroke warning signs

Learn the signs of a stroke so you can take fast action if one occurs.

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Health effects of hypertension

High blood pressure can damage the body in a variety of ways.

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Sleep needs

Are you getting the rest that you need each night?

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