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Financial assistance

At Frio Regional Hospital, we're dedicated to improving the health of our Pearsall community. And we know that some members of our community don't have the financial means to pay a hospital bill—even though they may desperately need medical care.

To help serve those members of our community, we've developed several different hospital payment plans and financial assistance programs. We make applying for these programs easy too.

Financial assistance programs available

We have five different types of programs that offer free or discounted care for people in need:

  • Indigent Health Care Program (español).This program is available to uninsured Frio Hospital District residents with gross monthly income less than or equal to 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Eligible families receive free care. To apply, please fill out the Application for Health Care Assistance, the Case Record Information Release form, and the Employment Verification form or the Statement of Self-Employment Income.
  • Free Care. This program is available to both uninsured and insured patients who are members of families with assets and income less than 200 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines. To apply for this program, fill out this application form.
  • Uninsured discount. Uninsured patients receive a 30 percent deduction of their final bill when the first statement is generated, based on their uninsured status. There is no need to apply for this program.
  • Medical financial assistance. Uninsured patients are eligible for this program. When out-of-pocket costs associated with medical care delivered at Frio Regional Hospital exceed 10 percent of the family's gross income, financial assistance is available. To apply for this program, fill out this application form.
  • Hospital payment plan. Both uninsured and underinsured patients are eligible for this program. To enroll, call a patient account representative at 830.334.3617.

For more information, read our plain language summary (español) or our hospital financial assistance policy (español).

Where to submit your applications

If you are eligible for a payment program or another form of financial assistance, complete your application forms and supporting documentation, and submit them to Patient Accounts/Business Office, Frio Regional Hospital, 200 South IH 35, Pearsall, Texas 78061.

If you have questions about the applications or your eligibility for these programs, call our financial counselor at 830.334.3617, ext. 172.

Paying your hospital bill

Our financial assistance programs help to defray the cost of medical care for families in need. That could be a big help when you're facing a medical emergency. But remember: Regardless of whether an individual is eligible for financial assistance, emergency medical care is provided on a nondiscriminatory basis.

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