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Frio Regional Hospital Ranked 12th out of 179 HCA Hospitals in Employee Engagement

Hospital news | Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Frio Regional Hospital recently achieved an Employee Engagement Index of 85%!

Employee Engagement is the extent to which employees are motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are willing to apply discretionary effort to accomplishing tasks important to the achievement of organizational goals.

Employee Engagement is measured by four key drivers:

SATISFACTION-Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this facility as a place to work.

ADVOCACY- I would recommend this facility as a great place to work.

COMMITMENT- I rarely think about looking for a new job with another company.

PRIDE- I am proud to be working for my company.

Frio Regional Hospital is in partnership with Methodist Healthcare which is part of HCA. HCA consists of 179 facilities. Frio Regional Hospital ranked 12th in HCA, 3rd in Methodist Healthcare, and, of course, 1st in Frio!