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Laboratory services

If you need blood work or a diagnostic test, you want fast, accurate results. That's exactly what you can count on when you use the laboratory services offered by Frio Regional Hospital. Every lab test is a priority for us.

To ensure quality results, we use state-of-the-art technology for all testing. And our lab is staffed exclusively by certified phlebotomists (medical professionals who draw blood) and licensed clinical laboratory scientists—all led by a board-certified pathologist.

Just how fast are the results? All routine tests are done in-house and will be reported to your doctor on the same day you were tested. For more complex tests, the wait is 48 to 72 hours.

Friendly, convenient service

Many people who turn to us for testing live in Pearsall or neighboring communities, such as Dilley and Cotulla. Our patients include adults and children treated by doctors in San Antonio who want the convenience of having their blood work and other diagnostic tests done locally.

Along with convenience, you can count on medical professionals known for their friendliness and ability to help you feel comfortable before any blood draw or procedure. And they always do their very best to secure a satisfactory specimen on the first try.

Our wide range of lab tests

Here's a quick look at just some of the many tests we offer:

  • Blood chemistry tests to check blood sugar, electrolytes, calcium and cholesterol levels, and kidney function.
  • Hematology tests to detect blood diseases and disorders, such as anemia, infections and blood cancers.
  • Immunoassay tests to measure levels of hormones and cancer markers, such as PSA.
  • Coagulation tests to measure the blood's ability to clot or to monitor you if you take a blood thinner.
  • Microbiology tests to detect infections caused by bacteria and other microorganisms.

To schedule a test, all you need is a doctor's order. Your doctor can fax those orders to 830.334.9804 or 830.334.9810. Or you can bring them with you. Come into the hospital and register in the lobby for your blood work test.

To learn more about our lab services, call 830.334.3617, ext. 120 or 123.